Model Wiki Sites

If you have decided to create a wiki, you will want models. Check out these other teachers' wikis to see what a wiki can do for your classroom. Use the Table of Contents to the right to navigate quickly to areas of interest. After you have chosen models or even contributed models to the table at the bottom of the page, you may move on to Module 2.

Classroom Wikis

Mrs. Ibrahim's 2nd Grade Class Wiki

Ms. Ibrahim's 2nd Grade Class Wiki

Ms. Ibrahim's second grade class uses their wiki to "share what [they] are learning with the world." Each of the students has a page on the wiki. On these pages, students share their writing, a short bio, and even their art work. The main page also includes a link to the class's calendar and links to different courses. For instance, the math page has a list of topics covered in math including images and student explanations of math concepts.

Burr and Burton Academy Music

Burr and Burton Academy Music Wiki

The Burr and Burton Music Academy wiki is described by its creator, Neil Freeburn, as an "online resource site for all music courses." A wiki allows Freeburn to store all his resources and projects in one place, and students can even use the wiki to build their portfolios.

TGGS Art & Design in Year 9 Wiki

TGGS Art & Design in Year 9

The TGGS Art & Design in Year 9 is a repository of resources for students and features student work in the Student Spotlight section. In addition, students are encouraged to share their opinions about art and artists. As a wiki for art and design students, it contains some excellent examples of media integration.

The Kite Runner Wiki

The Kite Runner Wiki by students at Katikati College in New Zealand

Students at Katikati College in New Zealand created this wiki as a repository of information about Khaled Hosseini's novel The Kite Runner as part of their study of that book. The resource includes information about Afghanistan, Khaled Hosseini, Important Quotes, and a guide to Key Characters.

Scientific Investigations

Scientific Investigations Wiki

The Scientific Investigations wiki is an 8th grade science wiki designed for students to collaborate on lab investigations. The students' labs include full write-ups and pictures of their processes.

Professional Development Wikis

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Michael Gorman's 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Michael Gorman's 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning Wiki is designed for teachers who want to learn more about technology. Among the many topics this wiki tackles are cell phones in education, free software, educational games, Google Institutes for teachers, podcasts, and even robotics. Gorman describes the wiki as "page devoted to educational transformation and 21st Century learning" (Authors page).

UbD Educators Wiki

UbD Educators Wiki

The UbD Educators Wiki is a site designed to allow educators who plan using Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe's principles of backward design as described in their book Understanding by Design to collaborate, share, and obtain feedback on their backward design unit plans. The wiki is organized by subject matter, but includes a page for interdisciplinary units. Many users have created their own pages with collections of their unit plans.

Portfolio 2.0: PDE Integrated Learning Technology Conference

Implementing e-Portfolios using Web 2.0

Portfolio 2.0 was created to supplement a professional development presentation on using wikis for student e-portfolios. This wiki includes links to research, examples, and instructions for using wikis as e-portfolios.

Japanese Teacher Wiki

Japanese Teacher

The Japanese Teacher wiki is designed to be a place for Japanese teachers to connect and share ideas and resources. The wiki includes links to testing materials and professional development.

Teaching Shakespeare Wiki

Teaching Shakespeare, the Folger Shakespeare Library

Mike LoMonico, an instructor at the Folger Shakespeare Library, created this wiki to supplement a professional development course called the Teaching Shakespeare Institute. Participants in the institutes are granted editing privileges for the wiki and have added such content as Shakespeare videos, links, and tips for integrating technology into Shakespeare instruction.

Collaborative Wikis

The Flat Classroom Project

Flat Classroom Project

Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay began the Flat Classroom Project as an environment for their classes to collaborate and explore the ideas presented in Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat. Friedman later featured the project in an updated edition of his book. Davis and Lindsay define their project as "a multi-modal learning environment that is student-centered and a level playing field for teacher to student and student to teacher interaction" (About page). In addition to learning together, Davis and Lindsay's students also learn about each other. Please check out their wiki to learn more about their project.

Flat Planet Wiki

Flat Planet Wiki

The Flat Planet wiki is a collaborative environmental project between students in Ontario, Canada and students in Surrey, UK. Together students explored current environmental issues. Because both schools are Catholic schools, they also explored the moral responsibility of Catholics regarding these issues.

1001 Flat World Tales

1001 Flat World Tales

1001 Flat World Tales is a global collaborative writing project uniting students all over the world through storytelling. The project uses an online writing workshop approach to connect students through writing. All languages welcome.

Global English Language Learners

Global English Language Learners

The Global English Language Learners wiki connects grade one English language students from Thailand, Spain, and Qatar. The participating schools provide pages with information about their schools and students and projects using VoiceThread.

Around the World with 80 Schools

Around the World with 80 Schools

Around the World with 80 Schools challenges students worldwide to connect to at least 80 other schools through Skype teleconferencing. This wiki gathers together tips and resources for Skyping with other schools.

Other Wiki Projects

The number of other wiki projects is endless. Your task is only to decide what you would like to accomplish with your wiki. A repository and showcase for your classroom? Or a connection to a classroom across the globe? If you know of a good wiki project, please make sure you are logged in and add it to the table below. If you click on the table in edit mode, you can add rows as needed.

Name of Project
Contact Person
Link to Project
Description of Project
Mrs. Huff's Wiki
Dana Huff
A classroom wiki that collects resources for students and parents.

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