Creating a Podcast

Now that you have learned how to subscribe to a podcast and have selected and installed podcasting software, you are ready to create a podcast.

Task One

Choose a subject for your podcast. You will find sample educational podcasts here, which may give you some ideas. Take a look at this list of ideas if you are stuck:
  • Photo Courtesy lorda on Flickr
    Photo Courtesy lorda on Flickr
    Record yourself reading a poem or short story that's in the public domain.
  • Record yourself delivering a famous historical speech.
  • Record yourself discussing a topic that is important to you.
  • Record yourself delivering a tutorial on a subject you know well.
  • Record yourself delivering a lecture on a topic you know well.
  • Record an essay you wrote like This I Believe.

Task Two

After you have chosen a subject, you need to write your podcast. It is always a good idea to compose a script for your podcast before you record it. For a first podcast, you probably want to limit yourself to 10-15 minutes of material.

After you write your script, edit it several times. Make sure your font is readable. Print your podcast. You might find it difficult to switch windows between your podcast software and word processing software, and a printed script will help.

Task Three

For task three, you will record your podcast. Please navigate to the appropriate page to view tutorials on recording podcasts.

After you have recorded your podcast and saved as an mp3 file, visit the next page to learn how to share it on this wiki and on your own website.

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