Creating Websites

Photo Courtesy Editor B on Flickr
Photo Courtesy Editor B on Flickr
In this segment of the course, you will learn how to create a website. Websites have proven popular among teachers because they easily allow teachers to interact with their students and students' parents outside of class. They also allow teachers to share resources and student work.

This segment of the course contains five modules:

You can navigate among these modules using the navigation menu on the bottom of each page of this segment of the course.

Once you have completed this segment of the course, you will have created a website and added the most common basic kinds of content associated with educational websites. You will also have learned what an RSS feed is and how they can help you as an educator, and you will have learned how to make sure any content you add complies with copyright law.

Are you ready to begin? In the first module, you will learn what kind of website will best suit your needs.

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