Creating Podcasts

Photo Courtesy Glenn Batuyong on Flickr
Photo Courtesy Glenn Batuyong on Flickr
What is a podcast? The word podcast is a portmanteau of iPod and broadcast; thus, a podcast is like a broadcast or radio program you can listen to on your iPod. Podcasts have existed for about ten to twelve years, but their popularity rose as soon as Apple's iPod began to sell on the market. Some radio shows create podcast versions of their episodes for users to download. Anyone can create a podcast. All you need is podcasting software, a microphone, and a computer.

In this segment of the course, you will learn how to create a podcast. Podcasts have become popular among educators. They allow educators to share information easily over the web and through iTunes or on mp3 players. They allow teachers and students to record classroom lectures and discussions. In addition, they can be a novel way to share student learning and work with a wider audience.

This segment of the course contains three modules:

You can navigate among these modules using the navigation menu on the bottom of each page of this segment of the course.

Once you have completed this segment of the course, you will have created a podcast and added the podcast to your new website. In so doing, you will also have learned how to subscribe to podcasts and how to use podcasting software to create podcasts.

Are you ready to begin? In the first module, you will learn how to subscribe to podcasts.

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