What is a Blog?

The word blog is short for weblog. Early blogs were usually logs of site updates. Over time, they developed into something like online journals. What makes a blog different from a wiki or a website is that a blog consists of posts. When you update a blog, your earlier posts remain unless you decide to delete them. When you update a wiki or website, you often delete or save over previous drafts—the information you posted earlier may be gone.

Users can usually navigate blogs several ways. Blogs typically have a certain number of posts on the main page (usually from one to ten). Archives can often be accessed by month, category, or tag depending on the preferences of the writer, who is called a blogger.

Like wikis, blogs are very easy to edit. Most blogging content management systems, software or websites that allow bloggers to update their blogs, contain some form of editor with editing tools that resemble those in word processors.

Embedding media such as images, video, and audio is usually easy to do with a blog, but depending on the type of blogging content management system you use, you might find embedding easier if you download plugins designed to enhance your blogging software.

Take a look at this video by Common Craft:

What About Wikis and Websites?

If you want to learn more about wikis and websites before you commit to creating a blog, you can find out more about them by following the links. If it sounds like a blog is for you, carry on to the next page.

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