Adding a Video to Your Website

Make sure that you are able to embed videos in your website before you proceed. Some site services do not allow video embedding.

For the purposes of this lesson, choose a video on YouTube to embed in your site. Not all site services will allow you to embed a video created using a computer video editor directly on your site, but most of them will allow you to embed YouTube videos.

A note about videos: The person who uploads the video to the video sharing site is responsible for ensuring the material he or she uploads does not violate copyright. Therefore, if you choose a YouTube video that violates the copyright of another individual or company, you most likely will not be responsible for or held liable for the copyright infringement. However, YouTube regularly takes down videos at the request of companies or individuals who believe material posted to YouTube violates copyright. I would advise you to select a video that you believe does not infringe on copyright to embed in your site; that way, you can be sure your site abides by fair use and you can avoid having an embedded video that is deleted and of no use to your site visitors.

For the purposes of this demonstration, I am using Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod's video "Did You Know 4.0."

Copying the Embedding Code

  1. Locate a video to post to your website.
  2. Underneath the video, look for a button that says Embed and click on it.
  3. Copy the code that begins with "object width" text.



Adding a Video to Wikispaces

  1. Go back to your wiki and edit your page.
  2. Click on Widget.
  3. Click on Video.
  4. Click on the YouTube button.
  5. Past the code you copied from the YouTube video.
  6. Click Save.
  7. You will see a big blue block. Once you save the wiki page, the embedded video will appear.
  8. You can scroll up to the embedded video near the top of this page to see what an embedded video looks like.





Once you have added the video and saved your wiki page, move on to adding audio to your website.

Adding a Video to Blogger

  1. Edit your post.
  2. Click on the tab that says Edit HTML.
  3. Copy the embedding code into the space.
  4. Click on the Compose tab.
  5. You will see a dark square or rectangle indicating the video is embedded.
  6. If you click the link that says Preview in the upper right, you can see what the embedded video looks like.




Once you have added the video and saved your blog post, move on to adding audio to your website.

Adding a Video to a Google Site

  1. Edit your site.
  2. Click on Insert in the menu along the top of the site.
  3. Select Video from the menu.
  4. Select YouTube video from the menu.
  5. Paste the URL of the video in the space provided. Note: Do not paste the embed code.
  6. Click Save.
  7. You should see the gadget embedded on your page.
  8. Save the page. The video should appear on your site.




Once you have added the video and saved your website, move on to adding audio to your website.

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