Adding Text to Your Website

In this part of the final module, you will need to login to your website service and create a new page or post.

Adding Text to Wikispaces

  1. Add a new page to your wiki site. On Wikispaces, you can either edit your home page or click New Page in the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Click the button that says "Edit."
  3. Type some text.
  4. Save Your page.


Adding Text to Blogger

  1. Add a new post to your blog.
  2. Type some text.
  3. Save your post. You may wish to wait until after you have added the other content before publishing the post.


Adding Text to a Google Sites

  1. Create a page for your site.
  2. Type some text on the page.
  3. Save your page.


Editing Text

Try to use the text editing tools to bold or italicize parts of your text. The text editor on your particular website might look different. If you are having trouble adding text, search for the Help or FAQ section or forum on your website service.

After you have experimented with adding and editing text, move on to the next step: adding an image to your website.

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